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Thru The Lens


Have you ever looked around and thought, "Wow", that's so beautiful. The sky, the foliage, the water, or the landscape. It could be something else, like an incredible building or maybe a garden or an animal. There is beauty all around us but most of the time we fail to notice. In my travels, I have been to the mountains and to the sea. I have been in several different countries around the world, and the one thing I have found in each place, the people who live there get used to the incredible beauty they see every day. Someone can go on a trip that lives in the mountains of Tennessee on a cruise in the Caribbean, and they are awestruck by the beauty of the ocean, but take for granted the majesty of the mountains where they live.

I try to capture just a small part of the beauty I see where ever I go. I hope I can help you see what I do, "Thru The Lens".

Rick Schell

About me

I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Musician, Photographer. Creativity is in my blood, and it is my passion. Whether playing trumpet or flugelhorn, whether taking pictures of people, places or things, I try to put my heart and my soul into what I produce. As you look through my photography, my art, I hope you can see what I see Thru The Lens

Rick Schell